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Author: Elizabeth Upton
Illustrator: Henry Cole

He's little! He's cute! But he's getting all dirty!
This warm, charming story perfectly captures all the ups and downs of a busy little taxi's first day on the job!

Editor: Lee Bennett Hopkins
Illustrator: David Diaz

In this sparkling collection of class quotations and forty-eight poems--twelve for each of the four seasons--readers will view the year in ways they never thought of before. In addition to poems by masters such as Carl Sandberg and Karla Kushkin, twenty-nine poems have been commissioned by a host of contemporary poets including Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Marilyn Singer, J. Patrick Lewis and Elizabeth Upton.

Editor: Lee Bennett Hopkins
Illustrator: Sachiko Yoshikawa

From the very first day of the school year, there is so much to do! So grab your backpack, hop on the school bus, and don't forget your lunch. Whether you're practicing for the spelling bee or getting ready for the big school play, there isn't a moment to lose. Sachiko Yoshikawa's vivid illustrations are sure to delight the whole class!

Editor: Lee Bennett Hopkins
Illustrator: Julia Sarcone-Roach