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About the author

I was born in New Hampshire and grew up there in a small in city, in a big yellow house with my large family. There were five children in all and I was the middle one. I was very lucky to have two loving parents who loved books and words. Whenever there was a holiday, my parents wanted poems for presents. So I started writing poems when I was young. You can find some of my poems in books today.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of cuddling up reading with younger sisters and my mother in a big bed in the drafty house. My mother read beautifully and those were happy times. I always wanted to write a book that would give families the cozy feeling I had reading with my family.

My parents loved the world and took us on many trips where I saw people from different countries who fascinated me. When I grew up I wanted to live in a city so I could be with many kinds of people. So I found my way to New York!

I have taught English, poetry and other subjects to adults and children from all around the world. When I had my own children, my dream of writing for children began to take shape. My little boy loved books about cars and trucks and trains. I wrote Maxi the Little Taxi for him—but it was also for me. Maxi’s excitement about going around New York having adventures is also my excitement. I hope you enjoy Maxi the Little Taxi and other books that are on the way!