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School Visit Reviews!

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you so much for joining us today and reading your engaging, funny and fantastic book. You have a wonderful way with children and your tone and cadence as you read was mesmerizing for the children. The song and teaching the poetry of onomatopoeia was thoughtful and the children learned something new and exciting.

Thank you again...
Lori Ash
Director, Early Childhood Center
Ramaz School
125 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10028

We were delighted to have the wonderfully talented Elizabeth Upton come and visit our students. She gave us a sneak preview of her delightfully witty and rhythmic book, Maxi the Taxi. Our class of kindergarten students were riveted with both the story and the illustrations. She took the time to give us a little background on how Maxi came to be. We are truly thankful and inspired by her visit.
--Krysta Dudley and Kim Cohen
Kindergarten Teachers, The Collegiate School

Review by Kindergarten students at the Collegiate School, February 10, 2016
Dear Ms. Upton,
Thank you so much for coming in and giving us a sneak preview of your book. We really liked when Maxi went into the carwash. We really liked the eyes on the carwash. They looked like monster eyes. We liked the inside of the carwash. It reminded us of the inside of a mouth and being in a car and going through a carwash ourselves. We liked that Maxi got dirty. We liked that a mom and her son helped him get clean. We liked the ending! We liked when Maxi was driving up the hill. We loved the whole story. We really liked how the illustrator added a lot of details to his pictures. We thought they were really “wow!”
Kindergarten boys

Choose from two school visits tailored to engage and inspire young children.

How a Book is Made
Length ½ hour
Kindergarten-First Grade
In her engaging and playful presentation for K-2, Elizabeth Upton reads her book aloud while encouraging students to predict what will happen next. Her PowerPoint presentation explores where ideas for books come from and how a story grows from an idea to finished book. Students see a book going from sketches to finished art and a bound book. Ms. Upton underlines the idea that the writing process professional writers go through is just like the process student writers explore. This is an inspiring presentation for young writers and illustrators and a great complement to any process- oriented curriculum.

Trying New Things, Helping a Friend and Making an Onomatopoeia Poem Together!
Length 20 minutes (Half-Groups of 15 students maximum recommended)
The story, Maxi the Little Taxi, explores the following themes of a Pre-K curriculum: kindness, how to help a friend, willingness to try new things and have new experiences, using descriptive words to discuss sights, sounds, and textures, cleanliness and social responsibility. Following an interactive read-aloud, Elizabeth Upton engages young students in a sing-along with gestures that both summarize the story and make for lively learning. To top it off, Elizabeth helps students create a playful onomatopoeia poem together!

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